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ITALY - ISCHIA ISLAND its unique Volcanic Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Biological stimulus recovery of physiological functions are especially hot springs . The composition of waters are sulfates , phosphates , mineral salts, bromo , bicarbonates Water hot springs are considered the most healing of all known . Proved unmatched therapeutic effect on many forms of rheumatism , arthritis, neuralgia , gynecological disease upper respiratory metabolism disorders , skin disorders.

Beautiful beaches, calm sea and delightful smells of flowers, lemons and grapes will make your visit of the island unforgettable.

Health treatments:

The Best time to visit - May 1 to October 1

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The most beautiful spa town in the heart of Europe Colonnades with mineral springs, remarkable monuments, green parks and a special atmosphere... All that and much more makes Karlovy Vary one of the most beautiful spa towns you can visit Professional spa and wellness services 650 years of experience has brought the local unique spa treatments to the point of perfection. Come to Karlovy Vary and eliminate your health problems. But you can also enjoy the qualified care of the spa staff in the form of wellness.

Indications for the spa therapy:

The Best time to visit - May 1 to November 1

Escort Individual or Group Tours are available by request


Special anti-stressful programs allow to gain in a short space of time new strength and to restore the reeled health. The resorts of Germany offer the patients medicinal Mineralnye Vody and dirt, radonic and salt grottoes and the adits, the pleasant climate, the purest air, high level of service, fine landscapes. All resorts in Germany are standardized and certified. Resorts happen climatic, balneal, and thermal. The rank of the resort is given the Federal land of Germany in which there is a resort, after check of a state of environment and composition of mineral water. In all resorts there are specialized clinics and the rehabilitation centers.

Thermal waters of Schwarzwald are recommended in the following cases:

  • Treatment of diseases oporno - the motive device
  • Treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (arthritis, arthrosis)
  • Rehabilitation after different operations and traumatic damages of the basic motive device
  • Treatment of degenerate diseases of joints and backbone
  • Treatment of female diseases (including violations owing to a climax)
  • general increase of functional abilities
  • Treatment of respiratory diseases: chronic bronchitis, diseases of lungs, nose cavities
  • Treatment of diseases of a gastrointestinal path
  • Treatment of diseases of a nervous system
  • Removal of a stress & tension, syndrome of burning out (burn out)
  • Blood circulation stimulation, and also endurance increase
  • Immunostimulation
  • Treatment of obesity & various violations of functions of glands
  • Organism cleaning
  • Rejuvenation and stimulation of all organisms

  • The Best time to visit – All year round

    Escort Individual or Group Tours are available by request


    Follow the mineral-rich muddy footprints of Herod, Solomon and Cleopatra to the legendary Dead Sea and resorts developed round its adjacent hot springs. This famed health destination, at the world's lowest dry point, is known for helping with rheumatic and skin problems.

    The Dead Sea is the only place in the world that combines it all; year-round hot weather, an enriched oxygen atmosphere, therapeutic UVB solar radiation, a mineral-rich salt sea, world famous mineral-rich mud, thermo mineral hot springs and luxurious spas.

  • Nervous disorders
  • Motion system
  • Pneumatic or degenerative joint diseases
  • Dermatological disease (Psoriases, eczema)
  • Circulation organs
  • disorders of the air passages
  • Weight corrections

  • The Best time for visit: March 01 - May 10, Oct 01- Dec 01

    Escort of group by request:

    The program provides 21 days of stay in the resort.

    This time will provide to you the maximum result from use of water and natural resources.

    You can choose any time and stay term in the resort and we will be glad to provide to you the best placement in the best hotel of the resorts and to provide you an experienced escort, and if required we will look after all the coordination to make your stay a very pleasant one.