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The thermal waters, a true source of health, enriched with minerals.

The Euganean Basin hot springs are ancient waters that flow at a temperature of approximately 87°C after a decade-long underground voyage from the Lessini Mountains (the Prealps). During the course of this journey at a 2000-3000 metre depth, the water becomes enriched with minerals; its composition makes it a precious thermal resource of exceptional therapeutic value.

The Euganean Basin hot springs are classified as salt-bromo-iodic hyperthermal springs with fixed residue at 180°C of dissolved salts per litre.

The meteoric waters of Abano Terme, charged with geothermal energy, spring at a constant temperature of 85°C (185°F) are an incomparable resource, unique in the world. The particular characteristics of these waters lies in the distance they travel underground from the uncontaminated Lessini Mountain basins, in the Pre-Alps, through calcareous rock at depths of about three thousand metres. As these waters travel at constantly high temperatures and under high pressure for a distance of 80 kilometres for an average of thirty years, they become enriched with minerals along their journey until they gush forth in the springs of the Centre Idrokinesis®. The water of our centre is rich in salts, bromine and iodine, is classified as hyper-thermal (with a residue of 5.050 grams of dissolved mineral salts per litre). It is used in the same state as when it emerges from the spring as the indispensable liquid ingredient to produce the thermal mud and suitably cooled to fill the hotel's various thermal pools.

Its special chemical/physical composition is responsible for the important muscle relaxing and analgesic effect that is noticeable after just a short time in the water.


The Idrokinesis® Centre brings together a selected medical team specialized in various disciplines and a wide range of therapies in the rehabilitation field. For this reason we recommend our guests to discover and familiarize with the structure with an initial medical "welcome" check up and the pathology study, and then schedule a personalized rehabilitation out-patient programme or by staying at the Hotel La Residence.

- Orthopedic Rehab., Neurologic Rehab., Vascular Rehab., Postural Rehab., Sports Rehab.

The Idrokinesis Centre is a brand new thermal rehabilitation facility designed and developed in Abano with the very latest equipment and is the ideal place to stay if you want to follow specific rehabilitation programmes, under medical supervision, for numerous arthro-rheumatic, post-traumatic and post-operative ailments.A treatment cycle at the Idrokinesis Centre combines the various traditional rehabilitation techniques, analgesic therapy, hydrokinesis therapy and thermal cures under one roof and in the best possible way, guaranteeing patients surer, speedier and longer-lasting recovery.The high quality and professionalism of the medical team and Idrokinesis Centre staff allow therapy for patients in their care to be personalised and complex rehabilitation procedures to be prescribed in the field of orthopaedics (post-traumatic and post-operative), neurology and respiratory disease.


The thermal rehabilitation that the Idrokinesis Centre offers is a complete course to improve your quality of life in just a short space of time. The Centre is particularly suitable for physical and psychological recovery for people with disabilities, as it offers the best rehabilitative and kinesiological therapies in facilities with state of the art equipment, with the help of qualified staff in a welcoming and relaxing environment (with special climatic factors).

The decontracting and myotrophic analgesic action of the special chemical composition of the spa water and the bio-thermal clay is used together with associated complementary methods (massage therapy, kinesis therapy, physical therapy and hydrokinesis therapy, water jet therapy, and vascular gymnastics) and by the combined action of all these therapies delivers more effective end results than the therapeutic effects of individual methods, and prepares patients for complete functional rehabilitation.

The results are specially positive for regaining independent mobility after hip and knee replacements, for the after-effects of sports injuries (joint sprains, muscle sprains, traumatic contusions), and for the effects of cerebrovascular (strokes, Parkinson's disease) and neurological diseases.

Rehabilitation for neurologic pathologies

Rehabilitation for orthopedic pathologies, surgeries and accidents Rehabilitation for vascular and lymphatic pathologies