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The composition of water sources include thermal sulfates, phosphates, mineral salts, bromo, hydrogencarbonates. Sources on the island divided into thermo (warm) and hyperthermal (80 - 100 ° C), refrigerated for use in thermal offices to a temperature of 30 - 38 ° C. Ischia is known more than 300 medical sources, including drinking water, basic of which are Olmitello, Nitrodi, Bucheto.

Drinking source Olmitello is Maronti, water temperature 26 - 27 ° C, contains bicarbonates, alkali sulfates. Source is small, is located 100 meters from the beach Maronti. The water is very effective in diuresis, gastrointestinal diseases, liver, gastritis.

Source Nitrodi is Baran, water temperature 27 - 28 ° C, contains bicarbonates, alkali sulfates. Its water is very effective in treating skin wounds, psoriasis, as well as digestive disorders.

Source Bucheto is in Fyayano at 450 meters above sea level. The course is designed for the thermal treatment of 8,10,12 or 15 sessions. It can be done in thermal hotels offices, hospital central Ischia, unique thermal parks "Poseidon Gardens", "Negombo", "Tropical", "Castiglione", "Apollo and Aphrodite." In addition to these places there on Ischia "wild" sources of treatment.

In town Sordzhetto key into the sea hitting the hot springs, creating a natural thermal baths. Here you can swim even in winter. Another place - Roman baths Kava Skoura, natural terms in the rock. In the village of Sant Angelo ancient tradition exists of treatment when the human body is filled with hot sand. Thermal waters impregnated sand has excellent healing properties.


The main medical profile of the resort - rheumatic and respiratory diseases. The thermal baths are recommended for both young and older people.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: degenerative change in the joints (osteoarthritis). Chronic rheumatic inflammation. Chronic arthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis. Gout and arthropathy. Myositis, fibrositis, neuralgia. Restoration of joint mobility after orthopedic surgery. Algodistrofii syndromes.

Respiratory diseases: rhinitis and chronic inflammation of the sinuses. Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract: chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis. Chronic tonsillitis and adenoids. Chronic bronchitis.

Bronchial asthma. Frontal sinusitis and facial.

Hearing: rhinogenous deafness. Otitis media.

Gynecology: Chronic inflammation: vulvovaginitis adneksit, Options. Some forms of secondary infertility.

Dermatology: Eczema and dermatitis ekzemnye. Pruritic dermatoses. Seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, folliculitis. Psoriasis. Peripheral vascular disease: Varicose veins. Cellulite. Beauty programs.

Contraindications to treatment about ISCHIA

Diseases of the heart and aorta. Cerebral atherosclerosis. Hemophilia. Oncology. Pregnancy. Epilepsy. Hypertension. The period of acute illness. Tuberculosis.

All the procedures prescribed by the doctor, you need to undergo a medical check!

Therapeutic treatments

Gynecology Venous disease and vennoy system Metabolic diseases Diseases of the musculoskeletal system Respiratory diseases Violations of the circulatory system Otorhinolaryngology Weight loss program

Volcanic island, was known in ancient times because of its thermal-mineral springs, natural geysers and hot sands. Over recent years the island has also become one of the leading centers of "Beauty Farm" - health and beauty clinic. It is recommended that the treatment of the following diseases: rheumatic and gynecological, respiratory, dermatological, metabolic disorders, as well as cosmetic and preventive treatment.


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: degenerative changes in the joints (osteoarthritis), chronic rheumatic inflammation, chronic arthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis; arthropathy and gout; myositis, fibrositis, neuralgia; need to restore the joint after surgery; algodistrofii syndromes.

Respiratory system: rhinitis and chronic inflammation of the sinuses, chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis, chronic tonsillitis and adenoids, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma.

Hearing: rhinogenous deafness, otitis media.

Gynecology: chronic inflammation (vulvovaginitis, Andechs, parameters), some forms of secondary infertility.

Dermatology: eczema and dermatitis ekzemnye, itchy dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, seborrhea.

Varicose veins.
Metabolic disorder.
Overweight, cellulite.
The need for a course of cosmetic procedures.


heart disease and aortic, cerebral atherosclerosis, hemophilia, oncology, pregnancy, epilepsy, hypertension, aggravation of chronic diseases, and tuberculosis.

Therapeutic treatments ONSITE

Mud therapy (mud kept in thermal water for six months and acquires its properties); thermal water with ozone; thermal shower, inhalation aerosol (thermal steam), a full or partial massage, jacuzzi, hydromassage with algae, massage Californian, New Zealand, bio-energy, anti-cellulite, underwater; lymphatic drainage, irrigation vaginal; Shiatsu therapy, magnetic therapy, blowing eardrums; laser therapy; gidrokinezioterapiya. Cosmetic procedures: anti-wrinkle, a mud mask, facial massage, lymphatic drainage facial, waxing total and partial, thermal spraying steam procedure "living cells", the procedure for strengthening chest strap with inorganic salts, slimming belt, massage, treatment for hair strengthening , dandruff; skin treatment with closely spaced capillaries.

MAIN climatic factors:

Thermal water, rich in sulfates, phosphates, mineral salts, bromine, sodium. Seawater.
The mild Mediterranean climate.
Waters of the island also have anti-stress, tonic and restorative action. The mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature, clean air and rich fish cuisine create the conditions for a perfect stay and treatment from early April to late October.

Whom it is important to visit the hot springs of Ischia? First of all go to the healing springs tend to suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. Treatment of these diseases is carried out comprehensively, thermal baths and mud treatments are perfectly combined. Mud pre aged 6 months in thermal water and gets many of its beneficial properties.

With aerosol and inhalation with thermal water successfully treat inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (chronic laryngitis and pharyngitis), facial and frontal sinusitis. Doctors use modern, specially designed technology that allows direct impact on the trachea and bronchi. For the healing of otitis media using a nasal tube, passing through a thermal vapor.

Also help to visit the thermal baths to patients suffering from varicose veins. For them, the center will offer ozonized thermal baths with whirlpool, which allows for a nice effect.

Water from the hot springs is widely used for medicinal purposes in traumatology and orthopedics. Kinezeterapiya mud and help restore limb function after surgical intervention and trauma.

In the central hospital of Ischia successfully managed to deal with such a difficult disease like psoriasis. Procedures allow suspend disease and prevent it from progressing. Used for this purpose thermal baths with special oils, creams are also used, the composition of which was developed in the center (here they are made.) In addition, thermal water can cure gynecological diseases and infertility.

The Best time to visit - May 1 to October 1

Escort Individual or Group Tours are available by request

The program provides 21 days of stay in the resort.

This time will provide to you the maximum result from use of water and natural resources.

You can choose any time and stay term in the resort and we will be glad to provide to you the best placement in the best hotel of the resorts and to provide you an experienced escort, and if required we will look after all the coordination to make your stay a very pleasant one.