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Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad is a spa town situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic, on the confluence of the rivers Ohre and Tepla, approximately 130 km west of Prague.

Balneology and springs

The town of Karlovy Vary is a world-class spa. Various diseases have been treated here with the help of uniquely composed thermal mineral springs for more than 650 years. How did the Karlovy Vary spa treatments actually come about, what do they treat and which springs are actually used for the treatments? Colonnades and springs:

Springs flow open in the Tepla River valley from time immemorial. More than a six-hundred-year tradition of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment is based on their healing effects. Although the ways of spa treatment have changed over centuries, one thing remains - favourable results for many generations of those who have looked for their lost health here. From the Hot Spring (Vridlo) flow open up to 2000 litres of thermal water per minute, and the fountain jets up to the height of 12 metres. More than twice the quantity of gas carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the last sign of a bygone volcanic activity, comes to the surface with water. This effect allows not only therma to get to the surface, but also the thermal fountain to jet. The other springs, so-called minor Karlovy Vary springs, are actually only the natural branches that separate from the main discharge body. Therefore, their strength as well as temperature is lower than the one of the Hot Spring, and they serve exclusively to the Karlovy Vary drinking cure.

Basic Therapeutic Procedures and Health Services

Walks in the surrounding woods help to strengthen your health. There are about 130 kilometres of maintained and marked paths with a number of summer houses, resting places and stops. The paths are marked according to their difficulty.

Treatment of the following diagnoses has its tradition in Karlovy Vary: diseases of gastrointestinal system, metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus, obesity, gout, periodontitis, diseases of locomotive organs.

Ten Rules of the Karlovy Vary Drinking Cure Karlovy Vary thermal mineral water is a complex, highly concentrated mixture of natural substances. It is not intended for permanent or uncontrolled use.